Zuzana Vlčinská

Mgr. Zuzana Vlčinská, musicologist, psychoterapist, singer. During her 25 years exploring work with voice she has found a method called Experience singing. This approach connects musicality, movement and imagination with voicework and emotions. She arranges old folksongs from Slavic area for 2-4 voices, but she also uses an improvisation. She treats the songs as situations, that are going on in lives of the people involved. In individual sessions the voice is used as a tool of integration an song as a cure. Publishings: Listen with Joy – songbook of carrols with CD, 2005. Songs for the Journeys through the Shires of Soul, 128 folksongs in homophonic arrangements for singing together and healing – songbook with CD, 2015.

Abstract of workshop: EXPERIENTIAL SINGING

People always used to sing when feeling joy, sadness, loneliness, hope or other deep feelings. It helped them to connect their feelings and body, accept and express them. When the experience used to belong to whole community, people were singing together, danced, shared their joys and pains. There are thousands of such beautiful songs used by our ancestors which are able to lead us on our way nowadays. Such songs can enrich us with their depths, images and truth. Learning such song can be strongly energizing return to our roots. It can initiate a moment of dwelling deep in ourselves. The tool of voice is our total being: the body, the soul, emotions, feelings, imaginations and believes. Our sounding voice helps us to tune in and integrate all this systems together. We can safely express our strong emotions with singing. Bodysensations connected to the act of singing make deeper contact of the singer with himself and improves his self-consciousness. A beautiful melody, as recording of the flow of energy actually felt inside of the body, can have an healing impact.