Zdeněk Drahoš

Zdeněk Drahoš: I am a music therapist, teacher and musician. I work in social services with groups of clients with mental and combined disabilities, DMO, people after injuries and children from an orphanage. Apart from other methods in my work I use the method of drumming in a circle – Drum Circle – and I am interested in its connection to music therapy. I use this method not only when working with children in kindergartens and primary schools, but also with teachers, partially also during public drumming. I also teach drums. I took Arthur Hull’s Drum Circle facilitation courses and I completed a long-term music therapy course from Matěj Lipský in 2015. In 2021, I completed a long-term course within CCV UPOL: J. Kantor, S. L. Knoll, C. Bajs. I have been a member of CZMTA since 2014. I am currently studying a Master’s degree in Music Therapy at UPOL. In my work, I also draw my knowledge from courses by: J. Fojtíčková, M. Gerlichová, J. Weber and T. Procházka.

Abstract of workshop: RHYTHM AS A SOURCE!

Rhythm as a breath of body. Rhythm as a source of inner freedom. Rhythm as a source of inner peace, of released emotions and stress. Rhythm as a source of movement and dance. Rhythm as a source of creation, spontaneity and humour. Rhythm as a source of contact with another person. Rhythm as a source of forming connections within a group, interplay and harmony. Rhythm as a safe space. Rhythm as a storm at sea, as an unchained river. Rhythm of soft tones helping to rest. Rhythm as a source! We will start with stretching, breathing, feeling of calmness and building self-awareness. Gradually we will delve into working with rhythm. Firstly, we will try various rhythmical activities without any instruments, starting from awareness of the inner rhythm up to playing our own body (body percussion). We will also find time for motion and dance, all with regards to our own personal needs. We are playing drums together in a circle! If you have never done that, it is an opportunity to try it in a safe environment where you don’t have to worry about making mistakes. If you like playing drums, you can enjoy the power of playing in a circle. We all have our own rhythm inside, so let’s try connect them together. It really works and it is good! You can enjoy drumming just by yourself, but also in a group with others. I will be your facilitator and offer you various rhythmic activities with drums. We will also work with group dynamics and volume. This is all Drum Circle. At the end, we will get to rest and calm down during a relaxation phase, played on various instruments which are often used in music therapy. You can bring your mat for the final relaxation.