Veronika Sequensová

Mgr. Veronika Sequensová is a dance movement therapist, a graduate of four year international training in dance movement therapy (2014-2017) under the guidance of Andrea Nundy Malá and Jana Špinarová Dusbábková. Since 2004 she has been working as a dance teacher, choreographer and as an independent dancer of contemporary dance. In 2014, she co-founded Artual, a space for self-development, therapy and art in Prague. She has been leading therapeutic and self-development groups and workshops, in which she meets both the general population and clients with a wide range of psychosomatic disorders and mental illnesses. In her therapeutic practice, Veronika combines knowledge and understanding of the functioning of the body in movement and the functioning of the psyche in relation to the body. Veronika works with authentic movement, improvisation and play, based on the principles of Bartenieff Fundamentals. She seeks ways to integrate through the body and movement on a physical, mental and emotional level. It deals with the study of the body’s energy systems and the development of work with a more subtle perception of reality.


The basic essence of our lives is the constant dance of energy exchange between us and the world around us, between us and those who are perceived as “the others”. In and out. Accept and let go. Release and suck in air through each of our cells. And this is exactly what our body does from our birth through our breath. Breathing is the daily maintenance of a balance between giving and receiving, between releasing and gaining. How much can we afford to let go through our exhale? And how much can be taken in through our inhale? Where do we need to free up space in ourselves, where do we hold something, where we are not willing or ready to let in what comes to us? In the workshop, we will experience how, through conscious attention to the lightness and fullness of our breath and relaxation and depth of exhalation, and through the events that arise within them in our body, we can come into contact with the feelings we have associated with giving and receiving. We will try to use the breath as the primary mover, as an impulse to move, and what the connection between the breath and movement in interaction with others, in the mutual dance between receiving and giving, brings us.