Rena Milgrom

Rena Milgrom, DMT, CMA, RSME is Dance Movement Therapist, Somatic Movement Educator/Therapist and facilitator and Certified Movement Analyst. Rena works mainly in the Czech Republic capital Prague in her DanceLab studio where she teaches somatic movement, bodywork and improvization. In the studio she also has her private therapeuthical practice. Rena is an author of educational programme Conscious Body and a founder of Czech-Slovak somatic plataform

Abstract of workshop: BREATH SEA

Breathing means immersing ourselves in the environment and absorbing the life around us, understanding it through ourselves and putting ourselves into it. The core of the breath is reciprocity – respiration – rhythm, freedom – the omission of the breath is its lack creating spasm, tension, fear, suffocation. The symbol of breath and breathing is ubiquitous and multifaceted.

The fact is that we have unlearned to breathe consciously and have become passive vessels in which the breath takes place automatically as it wishes. We have pushed the wisdom of ancestors and cultures on how to keep our bodymind – overall health – behind the curtain, while a chaotic tragicomedy takes place on the stage of human theater.

The workshop will first introduce us to the movement of the breath: the cellular, the organ, the embryonic. Inhale as inspiration, exhale as expression…. they can trigger a flood of hormones and chemicals that regulate heart rate and store memories. I will not teach you HOW to breathe, but I will invite you to the possibilities of the breath that asks “Who am I?”