Rafaela Perrotta

Dr. Raffaella Perrotta, Dramatherapist, Actress, Trainer, Supervisor, Life Coach. Graduated in “Theatre in Education” at Dams (Turin University), Dramatherapist graduated at Lecco’s School of Art- Terapies.  Master in Social Theatre at Cattolica University (Milan). Border of Spid and Spid’s President from 2013-2019; Tutor, Supervisor and Theacher of Dramatherapy and Education (Lecco’s School of Art-Therapies); Co-founder of the group “Dramatherapy Study and research” (www.drammaterapia.net) and Fattore3 (www.fattoretre.it); Member of the Association Caminante Associazione di Volontariato (drama therapy). Works as Dramatherapist (self-employed) with children, adults, psychiatrics, people with Down syndrome, autistic people, people with various disabilities and disempowered groups. 


According to Commedia dell’Arte Characters (The Old Man, The Lover, Capitano, The Doctor) and Pnl characters (The King, The lover, The Wizard, The Worrior) – that are archetypical roles of everbody – we will explore the possibility we have, as dramatherapist, to be in contact with our clients in order to create a dynamic setting and manage the distance between us and them. Is it better to keep a distance? How? In which ways? Could be better “be in touch”, respect the others without touching them? How can we manage the distances, even into an estetic process, as Grotowski and Stanislavskij teach? How do we feel, as drama therapist, when we talk about ‘the touch and respect’ into a dramatherapeutical session, and why? Are there some connection with our roles, or the PNL/comedia dell’Arte main roles/character we play in our live? Why and when could it be important to touch our client and how? Can we touch them only with our words? We will see it in a pratical way, trying to answer all these questions!

*PNL = programmazione neuro linguistica, in English it sounds NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)