Ondřej Smeykal a Petr Nikl

The Hatchery is an archaic didgeridoo in accordance with Ondřej Smeykal, accompanied by projected images which are mechanicaly dissolved by Petr Nikl. More about the project here: https://www.smeykal.com/cz/lihen/140/

This is a combined evening of musician Ondřej Smeykal and artist Petr Nikl. Both together have been co-performing in various variations for two decades, but now they offer the public a solitary concentrated project based on a dialogue of LIGHT and SOUND.

Petr Nikl – projection swarm

Ondřej Smeykal – audio being

Petr Nikl devotes to original light projection, using original painting techniques and original moving objects to let unrepeatable fantasy stories of shapes and colors play out on the projection screen. And just as the projection unfolds using original mechanisms and little machines, also Ondřej Smeykal accompanies the painting with his new concept of playing the Australian didgeridoo, which has been transformed into a kind of organic synthesizer that can sound completely futuristic and organic…

This double game – of light and sound – is mutually complementary and enriching. The technical and technological elements are not an end in themselves, they are the counterpart of human organic creativity…

The Hatchery ( https://www.smeykal.com/cz/lihen/140/)