Olga Šustrová

Mgr. Olga Šustrová (*1968), special needs teacher, addictologist, therapist. She studied special needs education – specialisation in behavioral disorders, she is a graduate of an experiential psychotherapeutic training SUR at Skala institute (1996) and training in dance movement therapy (the first training group of DMT in Czechia guaranteed by ADMT USA lead by Dr. Miriam Roskin Berger, ADTR New York University and Judith Richardson Bunney, MA, ADTR, St. Elisabeth Hospital, Washington DC, 2000). Currently she is a trainee of the supervision part of psychodynamic method of concentrative movement therapy in Bratislava, Slovakia.

She has been working as a counselor and a therapist since 1994 incorporating methods of movement therapy in 2006. In years 2006 to 2018 Olga specialised in working with people with addictions mostly in prisons, partly in rehabilitation centres, substitutional treatment and therapeutic community. Furthermore, she facilitated groups for in risk youth from 1999 to 2000 and for people with mental health problems from 2008 to 2009. She facilitates workshops in movement therapy focused at using this method in social work. Since 2013 she has had a private practice in Brno, in which she prefers using movement therapy combining methods of dance movement therapy and concentrative movement therapy. She works with groups and individually. She is a deputy chair of Czech Association of Dance Movement Therapy TANTER.


In this workshop the lecturer presents possibilities of dance movement therapy with people in prison with adictological anamnesis. Considering the theme of the conference the practical part of the workshop will highlight work with touch and respect in the prison context – to the self, subjects, other people in the group, how to establish, promote and feel touch and relationship. Participants of the workshop will be able to try various intensities and ways of touching, experience limits and what is worth of respecting, when touch burdens and when it uplifts or supports.

Considering props which will be used in the workshop, there is a limited number of participants to 14. Comfortable clothes is recommended.