Olga Lidia Kozłowska

Olga Lidia Kozłowska is a psychologist, singer, trainer and coach, focussed on voice practice and group facilitation. Working with different kinds of groups gives her the opportunity to experience the importance of taking everyday care of the voice. It is her lifelong passion. She looks at voicework in a holistic way, not only as just a tool. Olga has been leading vocal workshops since 2011. She has experience in traditional Slavic singing, choral singing, as well as improvisation. She has done Processwork training (A.&A. Mindell). Currently she is doing the Core Energetics body psychotherapy professional training. Her work is focussed on the development of the Authentic Voice practice. Her projects: Authentic Voice Droga Głosu. Olga’s main teachers: Frank Kane, Natalia Polovynka, Emma Bonnici, Amit Carmeli, Kristin Linklater, Lane Arye. She has also done 9 years of Contact Improvisation.

Abstract of workshop: BREATHING AND VOICE

The session will be about breathing patterns and its connection to the sound of the voice. We will explore how different ways of breathing we have, how they are connected to emotions and thoughts and therefore how the voice sounds. Voice is the closest instrument that influences ourselves first and then has the key impact for our interactions in this world. And breathing proces is one step before sound. Let’s have a brief look at this connection. It will be a form of workshop laboratory, full of exploration, some theory backup and space for participants’ reflection.

For the session please bring water, a mat and a blanket. Wear comfortable clothes for laying down and moving.