Markus A. Lange

Markus is a practicing Drama Therapist and an Associate Lecturer/Clinical Supervisor on the MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy programme at Goldsmiths, University of London. In his clinical practice, he has a special interest in working with primary school children (bereavement, loss, transition and parental neglect, special learning needs and ASD) as well as in providing multi-professional approaches to therapeutic group work in hospice/palliative care and mental health services. He is also a Playback Theatre practitioner and enjoys learning more about himself (and others) in comedy improv, social clowning and puppetry workshops.

Abstract of workshop: WHAT TO DO WITH DISNEY AND BARBIE IN WONDERLAND? A critical exploration of the therapeutic use of fairy tales … and not just with children.

On the theme of “Respect and Touch”, this workshop addresses questions relating to the clinical and therapeutic use of fairy tales in a world that is increasingly informed by Disney versions of classical narratives and a gaming culture filled with barbie-like images of female bodies and six-pack, V-shaped hero figures. What is ethically demanded of creative arts therapists? What is socially and politically acceptable in the therapeutic space? What is clinically safe and sound in in the client-therapist relationship? This workshop explores current theories and practical applications of fairy tales. It goes beyond an archetypal Jungian approach and engages with recent cultural-critical as well as feminist considerations regarding the depiction of sexuality, gender and social roles. The experiential part of this workshop draws upon core features of the Sesame Approach (story enactment; story-making; the therapeutic use of movement with sound and touch) as well as dance movement therapy elements (Laban/Bartenieff) and the aesthetic work of P.Bausch, J.Grotowski, E.Barba and A.Boal.