Markéta J. Těmínová, Anna Králová

Markéta Jarošová Těmínová is Co-founder of Dr.amAS, a theatre company for adult persons with autism. Lecturer of theater courses for children and adults. Member of the executive committee of the ADCR. Graduate of the Cultural dramaturgy at Silesian university. Student of Creative pedagogy at KaTAP DAMU.

Anna Králová is graduated in Special Education – Drama Therapy at Univerzity Palackého in Olomouc and attended the course of Drama Education for Contemporary School. Since 2017 she is one of the four directors of the Dr.amAS Theatre, which is committed to creative work with actors with Asperger syndrome. She is lecturing drama courses for people with autism and is also interested in methods of storytelling and Playback Theatre.

Abstract of workshop: I become aware of my body by touching it

Insight into the work of a theatre company working with actors with autism. How is a theatre play authored by persons with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) created and what part may dramatherapy take in the process? To what degree is an actor’s body a contributor for them on stage and how do people with ASD perceive eye and physical contact? What touches and concerns them? How is a mutual respect developed in a group where suppressed individualities break surface? During the workshop we will try to empathize with the actor, look for possibilities and limits, which can be used in author’s output. We will reflect the experiences of the lecturers from the creative process, which starts by improvisation and looking for ways to familiarize with the theatre, using dramatherapical methods among others.