Linda Nývltová, Kateřina Jungová

Mgr. Linda Nývltová graduated from psychology at Palacký University in Olomouc (2006 – 2012). She is a graduate from a two year course in group artetherapy (Dipl. KT Beate Albrich) and four year training in dance movement therapy (Andrea Nundy Malá, B.A., PG Dip, M.A RDMP, Mgr. Jana Špinarová – Dusbáková, M.A., BC-DMT).  Currently she is finishing a long-term training in analytical psychology of C. G. Jung (Czech society for analytical psychology) and continually develops her knowledge in katathym imaginative psychotherapy (Czech society for KIP). She worked for 7 years as a school psychologist in an elementary school where she worked with children from preschool age to adolescence and with their families. She also worked in a therapeutic community Kaleidoskop and in TC Magdaléna as an artetherapist. Currently works as a lecturer of continual professional development of people in education and facilitates programmes for classes. In this context coordinates a unique programme of primary prevention in the area of mental health and mental health issues aimed at high school students called „Blázníš? No a!“. She has a private practice in Prague for adults and children. With her colleague MgA. Kateřina Junková co-facilitated a dance movement therapeutic group for adolescents with celebral pulsy in Jedlička Institute in Prague. She would like to share this experience with you at this conference „Space for Art Therapies“.

MgA. Kateřina Jungová graduated from the Department of Dramatic Theatre study programme Direction –Dramaturgy of Dramatic Theatre at the Academy of Performing Arts  in Prague (1996 – 2001)  and further from Department of Authorial Creativity and Pedagogy study programme Authorial Acting focused on Authorial Creativity and Pedagogy at the Academy of Performing Arts  in Prague (2006 – 2012). 

As a dramaturges, director and screenwriter cooperated with several theatres. Occasionally cooperates with Czech Radio (cultural publicity and radio documentaries). Since 2005 has focused on authorial theatrical creations, documentary theatre, theater therapy and dramatherapy. She underwent international training in dance movement therapy (2014 – 2017) guarenteed by  Andrea Nundy Malá, B.A., PG Dip, M.A RDMP and Mgr. Jana Špinarová – Dusbáková, M.A., BC-DMT. Two years co-facilitated with Lindou Nývltovou dance movement therapeutic group for young people with physical disability in Jedlička Institute in Prague. For five years also facilitated dramatherapeutic meetings for clients from low-threshold day centre for young people without shelter Naděje. In 2015 founded a low-threshold workshop Metráž for women in difficult social situation that runs creatively and sociotherapeutically.

Abstract of workshop: DMT with people with physical and combined inpairment – „LUXURY OF HUMAN TOUCH“

As part of the workshop, we will look into the lives of young clients with physical and combined inpairment, especially child cerebral palsy, which usually affects human life in all experiential spheres and changes its expression possibilities. Dance-movement therapy has the potential to enhance the emotional, cognitive, social and physical integration of the body by working on all these levels. Thus, experiences can become more complex and expressive possibilities become more plastic. All this can positive affect the quality of life of people with physical inpairment. We will embrace physical, mental and sensory differentness not only through limited physical possibilities, but also through focus on the way of perceiving, experiencing and using their own body (how they think about themselves, how they function during an ordinary day and in social relationships). There is a simulation of limited momentum, expanding body sensations, stimulating experiences through sensory perception. In line with the conference theme, we will focus on touch. We will distinguish between the use of meaningful and technical touch and explore the provision of an adequate touch with a clear intention. We will use props, but we will also enjoy the “luxury” of human touch, which is indispensable in interpersonal communication.