Klára Čížková

Mgr. Klára Čížková is a dance movement therapist and a psychologist. She graduated from psychology in FFUK, completed training in dance movement therapy guaranteed by American Association of Dance Movement Therapy. Currently she is a participant of deep-dynamic training of Rafael Institute with specific focus on topic of psychotrauma. In the past, Klara dealt with psychotherapy and rehabilitation of people after traumatic brain injury in Cerebrum centre. At present, she works in Centrum komplexní péče (Complex care center) Roseta which focuses on clients with psychosomatic diseases and where she connects verbal therapy, dance movement therapy and work with dreams. She teaches and publishes in the field of dance movement therapy, cooperates with HAMU (Music Academy of Fine Arts) in Prague. Klara is a founder and director of Moving Self Institut.


The ability of experiencing intimacy is one of the qualities that significantly affects human experience and the way we relate to others and to ourselves. It is connected to closeness, trust, safety and sexuality.

Meeting in the workshop we will explore how injuries in intimacy originating in early or later human development are reflected in the relationship that the client has with his/her body, possibilities of sensing his/her affects and sensuality. We will further explore how the relationship between the client and therapist is influenced by sharing and togetherness in non-verbal and verbal way and what dance movement therapy can offer for healing. In this context we will focus on respect to boundaries, timing of the client’sprocess in therapy and creating safety in the shared therapeutic space.