Jitka Géringová

doc. Mgr. Jitka Géringová, Ph.D.: I provide individual therapy and counseling in private practice and social services. My clients are most often adults and teenagers who are going through a difficult period of life and need a guide on their way, but also those who are looking for unerstanding themselves in a complex world. I specialize in creative approaches, I use biosynthesis and art therapy, because both directions represent a path to internal resources for me. I am interested in cross-cutting themes and paths of spirituality. In addition to therapeutic work, I run self-development courses for women and, together with my husband, also for mixed groups, I act as a facilitator for Maitri Breathwork. I teach in college. I work in Prague and Ústí nad Labem.

Abstract of workshop: BREATHWORK

Breath and body. Body and rhythm. Breath and rhythm. Body and colors. Colors and shapes. Colors and breath.

We will connect our own breath with movement and creation, we will examine the boundaries of the body, the boundaries of the breath and the boundaries of the area in a safe setting.