Jana Špinarová Dusbábková

Mgr. Jana Špinarová Dusbábková, M.A., BC DMT (ADTA Board Certified Dance Movement Therapist) has been working for over twenty years as a psychotherapist at an outpatient clinic for the mentally ill – in groups and in individual therapy. She also works with psychosomatic clients and takes part in projects for children from children’s homes. Jana is an accredited supervisor of the Czech Institute for Supervision (ČIS), head of dance movement psychotherapy training and a teacher of educational programs. She enjoys the possibility of creativity and searching in psychotherapy, she is constantly fascinated by the power of working with the body, metaphor and with ordinary human contact and change of attention.


In our professional discourse about touch, we tend to relate to it in terms of ethics and this is the most recurrent issue of consideration. Probably it is also the criterion that led the scientific committee of this conference as it can be assumed from its title: Respect and Touch. However, we know that touch is part of the practice in the arts therapies, for different objectives, mostly in Dance Movement Therapy and in Drama Therapy. In both professions, the main protagonist is the body.

As we know that the embodied therapist is a cardinal constituent of the therapeutic process, in this workshop we shall turn the focus of attention to ourselves: participants will explore their personal experience of touch in its different qualities. Our attitudes towards touch are transmitted non-consciously in the sessions, therefore the workshop shall be an opportunity to explore them.

The different meanings of touch, its contributions to the therapeutic process and the risk touch may involve will also be presented and scrutinized. The group setting of the workshop will be a trustful container for learning from our colleagues and ourselves. Although I mentioned dmts and drama therapists, arts and music therapists are also invited. Touch is part of human communication.

Comfortable clothes are recommended to move and lay down on the floor. Barefoot participation. Please bring a scarf and a foam or flexible plastic ball. Any size is accepted.