Jana Merhautová

Mgr. Jana Merhautová (born 1964). A founder and director of the Eco Art Therapy Institute. Private practice: Art psychotherapist, supervisor, lecturer of accredited courses and training. The academic education at the Charles University of Prague, at the Faculty of Humanistic – graduated the Master’s degree in Supervision. Psycho-therapeutic education in the field of art therapy: a deep-oriented psychotherapy focused on art therapy. The Institute of Global Education – Applied Eco-psychology – Project Nature Connect USA – the Ph.D study programme. Foundation of accredited educational institution with many programs for social services (in 2008) accredited by The Ministry of Labour and Social Work of The Czech Republic and by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic with training programs focused on Eco Art Therapy and Eco Artefiletic (awarded Trademark by Industrial Property Office). She works with the ECO ART principle, which is an innovative psycho-therapeutic direction, based on an artistic way of self-expression in nature, strong experiences in it, and imaginative psycho-therapeutic techniques. Member of the Committee of the Czech Art Therapy Association with guaranteed membership, where she is also an accredited supervisor. Member of the EUROTAS European Transpersonal Association, included in the National Register of the Independent Social Services Experts. Externally, she teaches at the Faculty of Humanistic Studies of the Charles University in Prague “Creative Approaches in Supervision” and at the Faculty of Arts ” Author´s work as a Psyche Projection Screen”. Currently she is preparing a project called the “Psyche Wellness” in the National Park Czech Switzerland.

Abstract of workshop: THE LANDSCAPE’S TOUCH – Working with an artifact

The workshop provides a small degustation of the Eco Art Therapy, in which we can touch ourselves through the artifact. We tune in toward practical work with our senses (54 Cohen’s senses) and let speak the images of the inner ecosystem. The touch of this landscape will be supported by creative work to express ourselves artistically working with natural materials, especially wood, clay and stone. Deepening our respect for the natural resources helps us also to discover the healthiest parts in us. Let’s touch a magic of our planet, let’s touch our own heart.