Jakub Vávra

Mgr. Jakub Vávra graduated from the Master’s degree in Special Education at the UP in Olomouc and is currently completing his doctoral studies. As part of his doctoral internship he studied for 4 months at NYU in New York, where he was trained in the role method and worked for 3 months as a drama therapist at the Nordoff-Robins Center at NYU. He is currently in DvT training. He has been working in drama therapy for 8 years in PN Kroměříž with people with addictions. He has authored or co-authored publications on drama therapy and specifically on the role of humor in drama therapy. Currently he is also the chairman of ADCR.


We all play roles and across drama therapy approaches their use is emerging. Taking into account the somatic level of roles, the theme of breath may appear in some more than others. We can see which roles evoke breath, which evoke exhalation and perhaps there are some that are breathless.

Based on the Role Method, we will look together at Landy’s repertoire of roles and explore together their relationship to breath and also the images of breath hidden in them. Breath can be imagined and its image then projected into how we portray and play the role. What roles we take on as therapists and what roles our clients take on. The workshop also focuses on the portrayal of roles and breath in the body and their representation in dramatic reality.