Helga Bachofner, Martina Toman

Helga Bachofner, born 1962, ground profession: primary school teacher. Phronetic Art Therapist, I teach at the “Wiener Schule für “Kunsttherapie” where I am also educational therapist, I give lectures to and make workshops with students of the Propedeutikum (future psychotherapists), I workshed in the social therapy ward of the Donauspital for 6 years with groups and single persons suffering from different psychical deseases and I work now in my own practice. I am EFAT member since 2014.

Martina Toman was born in Vienna 1971. Her main profession is being a nurse working at intensive care unit for more than 28 years. She works as an artist, a phronetic® art therapist and as a teacher for art therapy at the Wiener Schule für Kunsttherapie. As an art therapist she gained experience at a psychiatric clinic in group settings and individual settings for nearly two years. 2018-2019 education in existential analytical couples therapy. Now she works in her private practice in Vienna and a practice community in a health center in Bruck an der Leitha with children, adults and couples.

Abstract of workshop: TOUCHING AND BEING TOUCHED


This special Phronetic® tool (developed by I.M.Starke) helps to get in contact with our feelings, emotions and our inner self. The participants will sit in a circle at a table with clay and water in front of them. After a short explanation of the tool everyone can take as much clay as he or she will need for this very moment. The participants shall work with closed eyes (if it is possible) and follow their inner impulses. They will be guided by special interventions. After finishing the process the eyes are opened again and the participants will have a look on their creations. Together we will have a short reflection and talk about the experience and the creation, which has to be named at the end. We will also explain the difference between this group experience and the therapeutical setting.