Hana Růžičková, Hana Kotálová

Hanka and Hanka are dramatherapists using David Read Johnson’s Developmental Transformations method, which is sometimes referred to as free association in the body. Hanka and Hanka use metaphor, roles and imagination. The body is their main working instrument, and they always return to it. The body never lies. Hanka and Hanka enrich their work with art therapy and creative methods. It is their way of connecting with themselves and others. Here and now in the body. Playfully and creatively.

Abstract of workshop: OUR BREATH IS OUR LIFE

We enter the world with an inhalation and exit with an exhalation. The breath faithfully accompanies us on our journey and witnesses our being. It is capable of so much, yet we take it for granted – to the extent that we forget about it, failing to use it to its full potential.

Let’s explore together. Let’s breathe together.
Let’s ask questions and seek answers. What do we know about the breath? What can we intuit, and what do we want to know?
Let’s tell stories and test the truth of proverbs and sayings.
Let’s bring our stories to life and breathe.
Let’s laugh, create, tell stories, breathe gently or more deeply.
In our work we will draw on the body and the breath and, of course, our knowledge and experience. We will use techniques from art therapy, drama therapy and drama education. We will lead you through our workshop, opening the space for sharing experiences.