Eva Véle

Mgr. et Mgr Eva Véle: I am a woman of many interests and roles. And sometimes I simply AM (exist). I really enjoy the role of a therapist. I am always honored to accompany people on their way to their inner selves. I like to start from the principles of dance and movement therapy and mindfulness, but also from other directions. In 2021, I completed training in dance and movement therapy under the guidance of Radana Syrovátková and Klára Čížková and the annual Academy of Mindfulness (RAM) under the guidance of psychologist Katarzyna Korda Jedzoková. It has already been several years since I have been living the mindfulness principles in my daily live. Spontaneous dance and movement are also my lifelong loves.

Since 2021 I have been working privately as a psychologist and therapist in North Bohemian town Turnov. I created a weakly program – cycle of encounters „The wisdom of the body in motion“. At the moment, I also methodically support teaching assistants for schools. Previously, as a psychologist, I got to know the world of children with mental disabilities and autism at the Special Education Center. After that, I got myslef aquainted with the world of children aged 6-15, their families and teachers while working at one primary school.


I am fascinated by the potential of the breath to bring a person into full being in the present moment. It is often a safe and healing way for me to be with my unpleasant emotions. At that moment, I am really with myself- I breathe through my body and emotions and let their energy flow in my body. One way to release emotions is for me to work or play with an active exhalation. What I lock with my emotions in the body (sometimes up to the quality of the muscle armor), I often relax by active exhalation (physical movement during exhalation).

I became acquainted with the use of exhalation as a driver of internal impulses and deep internal muscles at a full-day seminar dedicated to the pelvic floor and during training in dance and movement therapy within the Bartenieff Fundamentals concept. Both areas use active exhalation to activate the internal muscles in the lumbar-hip-thigh area (musculus iliopsoas). And it really appealed to me. Both its use in physical terms and in terms of my experience. From then on, I started playing with it more, exploring it beyond these concepts, in my intuitive movement. It is always a very deep and kind experience for me. I have an impression that the muscles that were clenched by my emotions relax and then a kind feeling spreads throughout me.

However, knowing that everyone can experience active exhalation in the body differently, I offer the participants of my workshop to come with me to explore this unusual quality of breath. At the beginning of the workshop, we will become more familiar with this quality in our body and then give it time and space to see how much wisdom the body has. Part of this intuitive movement will be without music and part with music. To close-up, there will be voluntary sharing.