Eva Boorsma

Eva Boorsma is a drama therapist from The Netherlands. She is working in a school for adolescents with severe behavioral and/or psychiatric problems, in addition she works in a privat practice for adults and children. She is a graduate at the international institute of developmental transformations and co-leads the Northern Dutch training institute, where she leads several training groups and provides training therapy and supervision. She has led workshops at national and international conferences and published articles about DvT. As a guest speaker she is connected to the Creative therapy program of the Hogeschool Utrecht University.

Abstract of workshop: SENSITIVITY TO THE BODY

The body is our tool to perceive the world and act upon it. It enables us to encounter the world and each other. Each body develops its own way and sensitivity of how to perceive and react on stimuli from inside and outside the body. Unfortunately due to trauma, unsafe attachment, and/or a disorder, our sensory processing gets disturbed or has not got the chance to develop in a constructive way. In our work as therapist we value the experience the client has, but often can be more sensitive and focussed on how this experience is processed in the body. In this workshop we will explore our own sensory preferences and sensitivity; look at what we sense in the other and stimulate our bodies to experience something new.