Elena Cerruto

Elena Cerruto is Dance Movement Therapist in Italian Association (APID®) and Supervisor, APID® Board Member, Delegate APID® for EADMT. Choreographer and Dancer; trained as a modern and classic dance in Paris between 1974 and 1980. Her method Dance Movement Therapy between Est and West is devised within the context of the Italian DMT and it’s reported in a number of publications. Her method merges the western scientific discoveries in the fields of neurosciences with the cosmological dimension of Chinese Medicine.  Shiatsu therapist, she regularly attends update courses in Classical Chinese Medicine with Elisabeth Rochat de La Vallée and Claude Larre. She studied dance/movement therapy in Italy and in Argentina with Maria Fux.  Second Level Master at the Sorbonne Paris V Art-therapy faculty, Major in Dance (2013).  She practices dance/movement therapy both with children and adults, blinds and psychiatric patients in various hospitals. Since 1995 director of a DMT training program recognized from APID®.

Abstract of paper and workshop: SUSPENSION

Suspension between pandemic and war has created a connection to pain, which is also a connection between people.
We can’t touch each other but nobody is alone: we are roots of the same tree. The roots move and grow. They breathe with the tree.

With the breath the human being connects to her/himself and to the world.

When the pain comes to oppresse the chest, the Qi (vital energy) of the Lung locks. The Qi of the breath can recover its circulation thanks to the movement in a cycle of fall, recovery and new suspension (D.Humphrey)

Opening and closing movements create a Rhythm in the Dance that could help restore balance. The Lung, Master of Qi, in Classical Chinese Medicine governs the Rhythms organization. During the pandemic, people have suffered a block: death and pain because of a disease which attacked the lungs. The Covid consequences focus in particular on width of the breath, the ability to perceive smells, the trust in life itself. We can accept in the heart, the center of the person in Classical Chinese Medicine, the responsibility for existing, suffering, nourishing and dancing in the space between Heaven and Earth. At the Center of a dyad which becomes triad in the moment when the human being takes place in the center.

The space between is interesting. Transition between an inhale and an exhale.

The harmony of human beings also vibrates in relation to the external environment and the succession of seasons gives rhythm to the passage of time. We are now in the Summer Solstice: the energetic quality of the suspension of the sun can call up a sense of trustful connection in the Dance. Thanks to it, the therapists themselves can feel centered in the helping relationship.