Barbora Richtrová

Annotation of the workshop: WHEN HAS A CHILD FEAR TO SPEAK!

… or the needs of a child with elective mutism and the needs of parents.

The workshop will focus most on the diagnosis of elective mutism (EM). At the same time, what we can share and experience together can relate to any situation where a child is afraid of communication and is not a specific diagnosis. We will try to look together at the needs of the child and parents who are struggling with this phenomenon of fear to speak. The workshop will be mainly practiced so that the participants can empathize with children and caregivers through their own experience. Part of the work will be an analysis of videos of children with EM at Work at the Clay Field®.
At the same time, we will use this time to share ideas, experiences, possible projective and other techniques that have proved beneficial to support the development of communication and reduce negative emotional experiences. The workshop will also include a presentation of the Child Care Standard for EM, and screening questionnaires for this diagnosis will be made available to participants.