Axel Rütten, Pamela Palomba

Pamela Palomba – Trainer in the Art of Design for Creative Transformation where creative techniques, yoga, human-centered design work in synergy to define a personal and group development project. Art therapist trained at ArTeA, after graduating in philosophy with a psychological orientation. For twenty years engaged in spreading the practice of art therapy in rehabilitation and personal growth contexts. Kundalini yoga teacher specializing in Mind Science and Humanology for Leadership and Success. Trainer in Art Therapy according to the Transformation and Form model of which she is the creator, collaborates with the Artedo training schools. Author of various articles and books. Transformation maps. Flow, change, become through Art Therapy (2021)-Transformation and Shape – Discovering the use of clay in art therapy (2012), Beyond discomfort – Art therapy paths in mental health (2009).

Axel Rütten – Art Therapist (Dipl KT, FH), Artist, Trainer in Design Art for Creative Transformation according to the Transformation and Form Model®, Kundalini Yoga Teacher (KRI), Specialized in Mind Science and Humanology in Leadership and Success®, trainer and supervisor in art therapy, he studied art therapy at the FH für Kunsttherapie, University of Applied Sciences in Nürtingen, Germany. For 30 years he has been managing art therapy ateliers, has a consolidated experience in psychiatry and disability, autism, drug addiction and imprisonment. He specializes in the use of three-dimensional techniques in art therapy. He collaborates with the Artedo training schools. Author of various art therapy publications.

Abstract of presentation: THE BREATH OF TRANSFORMATION

Breathing means constantly being in touch with the rhythm between taking and leaving, filling and emptying, between being born and dying.
This rhythm, completely unique and unrepeatable, accompanies us throughout our life and when we conclude our last breathing cycle available, it takes us to a new dimension. As long as we are here on Earth, the breath is essential, as it is the most natural and instinctive with which we are all equipped to communicate and to have interchanges with both external and internal environment. Even the “Transformation and Form method” designed by the lecturers, addressing to the human being as a dynamic process in continuum evolution, it is unavoidably influenced by this rhythm. In the report we will illustrate the method and the purpose of the breath in each of its phases.

Abstract of workshop: CREATE SPACE WITH YOUR BREATH. Art and Yoga workshop.

Our workshop proposes a journey between the flow of the breath and the artistic-creative act. What effect does breathing have on the quality of the graphic mark, on the choice of colours, on the expression of a topic, on the way in which we relate to our emotions? We will experiment with various types of breath combined with various artistic techniques accompanied by pranayama exercises, following some stages of the Transformation and Form method.