Take a mat with you!

The conference is just around the corner, we will see you this Friday. Don’t forget that you will need to have a mat with you for part of this year’s workshops, as it will sometimes be necessary to be in contact with the ground.

We look forward to you!

Dialogue of the light and the sound of didgeridoo on Friday night!

The program of the conference 2022 is in process, but we already know what we will do on Friday evening, June 24th! The only conference night is always about meeting and having fun together. This year’s will be audiovisual, because in show, the sound of Ondřej Smejkal’s didgeridoo will meet the light projection of Petr Nikl. So we will be there because it will be an enjoyment!

Conference 2022

Preparations for the Space for Art Therapies 2022 conference are underway and we can’t wait for a program to break out together. Updating information on the website is still waiting for us, but you can look forward to our guests now! Sign up is here.