Practical information for participants

Dear participants of Spaces for Art Therapies IV.,

this year we have decided to hold a sustainable meeting to ensure respect of the environment and to reduce waste as much as possible. Therefore we invite all participants to bring their own program draft or a digital version of it. It will be available soon on the website of the conference (http:/ There will be a few copies in the lobby for your orientation. If you need help there are volunteers around the whole time. You are invited to bring your own pens/ pencils, notepads or a sketchbook if you like, for note taking/ drawing/ doodling. The art material for the workshops will be of course available.

Registration and workshop-registration opens on Friday at 8:00 am. The official opening is at 9:00 am. In the evening from 6:30pm you are invited to the concert and the reception. On Saturday we start the panel discussion at 8:45am, the closing ceremony of the whole conference is from 6:15 pm.

The address of the venue is: DAMU, Karlova Street Nr.:26. Nearest metro stations: Yellow line – Národní třída (B), Green line -Staroměstská (A).

We look forward to meeting you!
The (ČAA) Art therapy-, (ADCR) Drama therapy-, (CZMTA) Music therapy- and (TANTER) Dance-movement therapy – Association.

Other names, other workshops

We’ve already told you almost all of the names of our great lecturers and they gave us the abstracts of their workshops – we have something to really look forward to! Are you looking forward too? So far now, you can read in the Speakers section what the lecturers are preparing for us.

Panel discussion on Saturday

On Saturday morning, there will be a panel discussion on an interesting topic with representatives of the associations. TANTER will be represented by Radana Syrovátková, Tomáš Procházka for CZMTA, Kamila Laudová for ADCR and Andrea Hlubučková for ČAA. Come and listen to opinions and discuss about!

There will be a party in the evening!

It’s a good tradition of having an event on Friday evening and this year, it will be a dancing one! Not only dance, a little surprise is going to be as well! We don’t reveal the surprise yet but who is going to play to our dancing? Click here and listen to OMNION on YT!

OMNION– one – man – self – looping – orchestra

Who do you meet at the conference?

We are pleased to publish the names of the lecturers who will share their experiences with us at the conference. More information about each of the lecturers can be found in the Speakers section of the conference tab.

We are only dropping the first few names so far: Markus A. Lange and Magdaléna Komárová are coming to us for dramatherapy. For Art Therapy Zuzana Nápravová. For Music Therapy Wolfgang Mastnak and Wang Li.