4th International Conference in Expressive Art Therapies – “Space for Art Therapies” 2019

Date: 28th -29th June, 2019

Topic: Respect and Touch

Carefully we touch sensitive places, and with respect we can encircle them and lift them up towards the light. Illuminating the labyrinth of (un)consciousness, with care. Yet one disrespectful brushstroke could strike out and erase previously reached understandings. It may touch professional
and ethical boundaries and unleash a drama, from which we cannot dance out, even if a thousand clarinets played for us. To find a common ground and to reach essential professional and legislative issues requires a great deal of respect, time investment and patience, especially at a time of globally-bubbling populism and general utilitarianism.

Which brings us to the questions of touch in therapy? What and how is actual touch when working with clients? Some say to touch is unacceptable; others consider touch as a natural part of real life and thus desirable and part of relating. How do you see it? How is it considered in your professional modality – Art, Dance, Music, Drama – does the understanding and approach towards touch differ across the modalities? Can we respect diversity of perspectives?

Let’s join together to listen, to share our perspectives and opinions, and to consider the points of view of others.

The Conference is traditionally organised by the common forces of four professional associations – The Czech Art Therapy Association (ČAA), The Music Therapy Association of the Czech Republic (CZMTA), The Czech Dance and Movement Therapy Association (TANTER) and The Association of Czech Dramatherapy (ADCR).

  • Conference fee is 3 100 CZK/122 EUR

Conference organizational team:

Beate Albrich (ČAA), Anna Neuwirthová (CZMTA), Jana Špinarová-Dusbábková (TANTER) a Viktor Dočkal (ADCR).